Mohawk Valley Community College of Rome and Utica has announced that it freezing tuition for the 2020-2021 fiscal year.

Mohawk Valley Community College’s Board of Trustees has passed a budget for the 2020-2021 fiscal year beginning September 1st 2020. The budget includes a freeze on tuition and student fees and no layoffs:

“Despite pressures to help fuel the economic resurgence of the region and reimagine our student success agenda while managing declining enrollments and shrinking financial resources, MVCC has chosen a mindset of abundance and a philosophy of ‘preserving the core and stimulating progress,’” said MVCC President Randall J. VanWagoner, Ph.D. “While this challenge has tested us in an unprecedented way, I’m confident that we have the flexibility, creativity, and focus necessary to navigate it.”"

MVCC received its CARES Act grant funding allocation of $2,184,405, and plans to later apply it to the fund balance. Over the past six years, MVCC has:

- Had 69 retirements (6 more this year)
- Deleted 71 vacancies (21 more this year)
- Had 27 full-time layoffs (no additional at this point)
- Deleted 27 academic programs (no additional at this point)
- Added 14 new full-time positions and (1 more this year)
- Added 5 new academic programs (no more this year).

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Bob Saget Wishes MVCC Grads ‘Good Luck’ in Virtual Ceremony

Lisa Jordan, one of 719 students graduating from the college, expected to graduate in person. Instead the college was forced to offer a virtual alternative, where "each student will be announced by name before receiving their recognition in an individual clip that can be shared on social media and kept forever."

Lisa got a wish from not just college officials, but from Bob Saget. Saget tells graduates "Go Hawks" and says, whiles he's played in Utica, he's never been to MVCC's campus, and hopes to get here "when all this is over."

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