Get to know FrogFest 30 guest Stephanie Quayle. We sat down with the rising female country singer to learn a little bit more about her music and her life. From her career highlight so far to the most embarrassing song on her phone.

Here's 23 things you may know about Quayle.

Q: Mountains or the Beach
A: Mountains

Q: Career Highlight
A: Getting a letter from Dolly Parton. It was crazy cool. I've not met her yet but I have a letter from Dolly Parton framed on my piano in Nashville.

Q: What tops your Bucket List
A: Playing the Opry

Q: Most Embarrassing Song on Your Phone
A: Maybe Back Street Boys but I think they're kinda cool

Q: What's in Your Bus Fridge
A: I love arugula. I could eat it by the box full

Q: Describe Yourself in 5 Words of Less
A: I promise you will have fun. Wait that's too make. How about, I'll make you laugh.

Q: Song You Wish You Wrote
A: Jolene

Q: Worst Job
A: Ugh cleaning. I was a maid. That wasn't my favorite job.

Q: Title of Movie About Your Life
A: Gosh that's a really good question. Big Sky Country.

Q: Advice for Your Younger Self
A: You have time

Q: What Makes you Angry
A: Misunderstandings

Q: Guilty Pleasure
A: Pizza, all day long with black olives, mushrooms, a little bit of basil and tons of cheese. I do buy frozen pizzas too and add my arugula in the oven. Is that weird?

Q: Odd Autograph Request
A: The forehead of a child. She wanted me to sign her forehead after a performance I did for the Girl Scouts. So I made her call her mom and get her on speaker phone. Her mom said yes so I put my name on her forehead.

Q: Can't Leave Home Without
A: My phone

Q: Last Thing You Bought
A: Cowboy boots

Q: What Inspires You
A: Everyone

Q: Celebrity Crush
A: It would be between Will Ferrell and Zac Galifinakis. They're both hilarious.

Q: Last Lie You Told
A: I don't tell lies

Q: If You Could Be Someone Else for a Day
A: Dolly Parton

Q: Best Prank You've Pulled
A: It was an April Fools on my dad and he still talks about it. I shouldn't give any more details, but I'll tell you later.

Q: Question You Hate Being Asked
A: I don't hate any question. I only hate when I don't have the answer

Q: What IS Victoria's Secret
A: That's an amazing question. I think her secret is she hates lingerie.

Q: Do You Play Cornhole
A: I take it very seriously. I would like to play. I would like to be the champion. Polly you be my partner. Do we get medals? Maybe we should get matching capes. Watch out. This is going to be epic.

Quayle will get the crowd ready for LOCASH, stars of this year's FrogFest 30, presented by White's Farm Supply. Get your $20 tickets online at Big Frog 104 or any area Price Chopper store. Gates open at 11:30 am at the Utica/Rome Speedway where ticket prices will be $25. The cornhole tournament and music begins at noon.


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