Count me in! Your chance to star in a major Hollywood movie is here, and you can even make some cash.

Annie Delano is conducting casting for the movie, which will be shooting in the Syracuse area in August and September, according to She's looking for about 2,000 extras, who will each be paid an average of $170 for each day of filming.

The coolest part? A casting call announcement said this will be "the biggest film to ever shoot in Syracuse." That's saying a lot considering Slap Shot with Paul Newman was filmed in 1977. According to, that movie used 500 extras, a small number in comparison to the 2,000 needed for this new movie.

Although the actual movie and cast haven't been announced quite yet, there's some deep speculation about what exactly could be Syracuse's next claim-to-fame.

According to, Delano worked on casting for American High film "Big Time Adolescence" with Pete Davidson and Machine Gun Kelly, which filmed in Syracuse last year. American High has an upcoming movie called "The Swimsuit Issue" that may be a contender. According to the movie's IMDb, the movie is in pre-production at the moment and is about a teenage outcast who picks up a camera and photographs his high school peers for a swimsuit edition in hopes of making enough money to go to summer camp.

Are you interested in being a part of the big production? People 18 years and older of all genders and ethnicities are encouraged to apply at

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