Have you heard that FrogFest 30 is this weekend? If you have to work, try and play hooky.

We decided to provide some pretty good excuses to call into work. Granted, we aren't advising you to call into work and risk your employment, but this list is yours if you decide to take that step. Big Frog 104 isn't responsible for your workplace, we are responsible for FrogFest 30 though...

1) "My car just broke down!"

Granted, this is easy and no one would truly question it.


2) "My pet is sick, and I need to take him to the vet ASAP."

If you're looking for a vet, choose the vet located near the Utica Rome Speedway if you catch my drift.


3) "I have terrible food poisoning."

Did you office just have a crazy lunch together? Play it up big time.


4) "My septic tank has overflowed."

That's just crappy.


5) "I have to attend my third cousin, twice removed, girl friend's family funeral"

Seems logical right?


6) "I ate too many turkey joints and I can't move out of this chair."

Candy has that affect sometimes.


7) "My tire just blew out on my way to work!"

This one needs some planning. Call maybe at a time that would be like 5 minutes from your office. Then claim it'll take two hours for triple A to show up or something.


8) "I got this weird rash all over my body!"

The best part about this excuse, if you end up with a sunburn it looks like an old rash.


9) "I'm really sorry, but I have the runs."

Gross, but always valid.


10) "Some how I am snowed in!"

Ok, it's June....don't use this one.


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