If you've never had a Jelly Bun from Holland Farms, you don't know what you're missing. They are filled with black raspberry jelly that the manufacturer continues to make only because Holland Farms uses so much of it and covered in powder. They are delicious but there are some rules to keep in mind. Here are the 10 Commandments of Holland Farms infamous Jelly Buns.

I - Thou Shalt Not Call it a Donut

It's a Jelly Bun NOT a donut!

II - Thou Shalt Not Eat with a Fork

Don't be a wuss Tadpole. Open wide and take a bite.

III - Thou Shall Buy More than One

Why buy one when you can get a dozen. Or at least a half dozen. That way you can share.

IV - Thou Shall Celebrate Jelly Bun Month

Jelly Bun month is in February and should be celebrated every year. Holland Farms sells about 250 dozen a day in February.

V - Thou Shall Bite Strategically

Be careful not to lose any of that delicious black raspberry filling. Strategically eat your Jelly Bun so as to not have the jelly ooze out the other side. If you do it right, you can get jelly in every bite.

VI - Thou Shall Lick Your Fingers

Licking your fingers is normally a faux pas but there's no sense wasting any.

VII - Thou Shall Strive to be in the Commercial

Every year Holland Farms features central New Yorkers in their commercial. We haven't been asked yet but we're still holding out hope.

VIII - Thou Shall Get Covered in Powder

It's going to happen. That's one of the best things about the Jelly Bun, other than the taste.

IX - Thou Shalt Not Rush the Jelly Bun Baking Process

It takes 3 hours to make a Jelly Bun, start to finish. If Holland Farm happens to run out, be patient. You can't rush perfection.

X - Thou Shall Not Worship Any Other Jelly Donut

Holland Farms jelly buns are so infamous it should never be compared to any other jelly donut. Refer to Commandment #1.

Holland Farms is on Oriskany Boulevard in Yorkville.



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