February in Central New York is a month-long celebration of Jelly Buns at Holland Farms. Part of that tradition is the famous Jelly Bun commercial. 

In the 2017 spot you can spot plenty of familiar faces including In order of appearance: on Pat Buckley, Retired from MVHS -- Megan Frazer McGrogan, Greater Utica Chamber of Chamber -- Robert Hershman, Rome Attorney -- Paul Diamond, Gentlemen's Corner -- Maria Moriarty, Valentino's -- Scott Perra, MVHS -- Dan Lichorowic, Harts Hill Inn -- Juanita Bass, Soul Foods -- Adam Lawless, MPW Marketing -- Marolyn Wilson, Holland Farms Bakery & Deli. In the month of February alone, over 55,000 of Jelly Bun are sold. Holland Farms even sells special Heart Shaped Jelly Buns for Valentine’s Day.

Most of our customers love their Jelly Buns covered in sweet, snowy confectioner’s sugar, but you might also want to try our glazed or plain varieties as well. Not to mention, every single Jelly Bun is over-filled with amazingly delicious black raspberry jam."

Pick up a Jelly Bun any time at Holland Farms in Utica year round.



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