I'm not the most tech-savvy guy, but I do have an iPod, even though I have to ask my daughter to put music on it. During the warm "Frog Days Of Summer" , I tend to do more walking in my neighborhood for exercise. And, even though I have an iPod, I prefer taking my portable CD player with me.

So, I guess using a CD player is old hat! Speaking of old hat, I usually wear one while walking. I like the CD player because I have less choices - I can only listen to the one CD I brought with me, not 4,000 songs on the iPod. And, I use mini-headphones, not ear buds.

Most people I see walking or running are wired with those white ear buds, iPod, Spandex jogging outfits and look like real pros. OK, fine. At least I'm not wired into a cassette player.

So, what's better on the the walking or jogging trail...iPod or CD player (or maybe a radio listening to Big Frog 104)?

Now here's another question: what I am going to do with all of my old 8-track tapes? Garage Sale!