Toby Keith has been releasing one song every day this week to gear up for his new album ‘Hope on the Rocks,’ out October 30th.  Today its a song written with Bobby Pinson and Trailer Choir's Butter, ‘Cold Beer Country.’

'Trailer Choir was signed to my label for several years and their lead singer Butter (Fortney) wanted me to write with them. I agreed, but they were so busy on that tour doing the outside stage and running around doing promotions that we never could find time in the afternoon. And when he could find time, I'd usually have a writer with me. So I asked if he had anything he wanted to write, and this was one I loved. Once they were off the tour, he sent out a version that didn't fit what me and Bobby thought it should say. So we flipped it and wrote one from scratch, then sent it to him to tweak. Ended up being a little dandy. If you had a brand new artist who was country, had a smile on his face and could laugh at himself, you could put this one in his first three singles and it might actually break. It's just a simple little thing, kind of a throwback, but it's got that melody you want to sing along with.'

Toby Keith 'Cold Beer Country'

Hope on the Rocks hits stores October 30th but you can pre-order at Toby’s website.  Here's the full track listing of the CD.  Will you be buying the new Toby album?

Toby Keith