Toby Keith is releasing one song every day this week to gear up for his new album ‘Hope on the Rocks.’  Yesterday it was the title track.  Today it’s ‘The Size I Wear,' inspired by Toby's father.

'My dad used to say that line and I always thought it was funny. See a pretty girl and go, "Look out, boys. That's the size I wear right there." It's like when me and Scotty wrote "As Good As I Once Was." That's something my dad used to say, too. He also used to say, "I don't know what I'd do if your mama ever left me ... guess I'd just go with her." Me, Scotty and Dean Dillon wrote that one ("Go With Her"). Stuff like that is very intriguing to me and I had it laying around. Rivers took off on it and we decided it was about a couple buddies drinking. I had the "five-foot-too, 95 pounds, round in the places she's supposed to be round" and Rivers just flipped over it when I told him the idea. There was another little piece that didn't work, but Rivers fixed the chorus and then we wrote the verses. It's just comical.'

Listen to 'The Size I Wear' and let us know what you think.

Toby Keith 'The Size I Wear'

We’ll have ‘Haven’t Had A Drink All Day’ for a preview tomorrow morning.  Hope on the Rocks hits stores October 30th but you can pre-order at Toby’s website.