Where to begin.  First, I went in to listening to Taylor Swift's new album 'Red' with an open mind.  However, there is nothing country about this CD.  And there's nothing new either.  Oh the lyrics and the melody are different but the songs are all the same.  All 16 cuts on the album are about love.  Falling in love, falling out of love, dreaming about love, its love, love, love. 

I understand Taylor loves to write songs about love.  She's mentioned it in several interviews, but can't she write just one song about something else.  Maybe a song about a dog, a truck, her momma, America or even a road.  A dirt road, a red road, a road less traveled, a road where the blacktop ends.  Something, anything.

The only thing different on 'Red' is, she brought two guest singers in to sing on songs about, you guessed it, love.  Gary Lightboy of Snow Patrol sings on 'The Last Time' and Ed Sheeran joins Taylor for 'Everything Has Changed.'

But who am I to argue about an album that's on pace to break records.  Taylor could become the first female artist to sell a million copies with back to back albums in the first week.  The only other 3 artists to accomplish that are NSYNC, Backstreet Boys and Eminem.  That should say it all right there.