Celebrities We’d Like to See on Survivor
Jeff Probst wants to do a celebrity version of 'Survivor.'  He talked about his idea during a radio interview and says Neil Patrick Harris is in for sure, along with Dominic Monaghan from 'Lost' and Pauley Perrette from 'NCIS.'
Meet the Cast of Survivor Fan vs Favorites
Can you believe Survivor has been on the air for 26 seasons?  Survivor Caramoan will bet fans vs favorites and will premiere on CBS February 13th at 8.p.m.  Meet the cast of the new season and see if one of your favorites is returning.
‘Survivor: One World': Who’s the Big Winner?
We’ve danced with the stars, we’ve listened to the voice, and we’ve seen some pretty amazing races, but there’s nothing quite as good as one of the longer-running reality shows of our age, ‘Survivor!’
Going on near of a twelve-year run, last night saw the culmination of the latest off-shoot ‘Survivor…

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