Jeff Probst wants to do a celebrity version of 'Survivor.'  He talked about his idea during a radio interview and says Neil Patrick Harris is in for sure, along with Dominic Monaghan from 'Lost' and Pauley Perrette from 'NCIS.'

Probst isn't the only one who'd like to see a celebrity season.  I've watched Survivor since it began and would LOVE a celebrity edition.  Every other reality show has done it, so why not Survivor.  Here's my top celebs I've love to see be stranded on a deserted island.


If those rumors about Blake Shelton cheating on his wife, Miranda Lambert are true, he'll need to get far, far away.  And where better than a deserted island where Miranda can't get to him.  Plus he can keep the tribe in stitches with his sense of humor.

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Tom Hanks has already spent time on a deserted island.  Survivor would probably be a piece of cake for Tom after 'Castaway.'  At least he'd have people to talk to rather than a volleyball named Wilson. Plus he can build a fire.



Tina Louise spent years on Gilligan's Island, so she's a shoe in for Survivor.  Although she's not as young as she was when she was stranded back then.



There has to be a token hot chick on every Survivor episode and Pam Anderson fits that mold perfectly.  Plus she can use her breasts as a flotation device for the water challenges.  Just don't give her any challenges that requires her to use her brain.

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Gary Busey could be the celebrity version of Phillip, who's on this season's Fans vs Favorites edition.  I don't know who'd be crazier, Gary or Phillip, but it would be fun to watch.

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There's a number of people who'd love to see OJ Simpson be put on a deserted island.  I'm sure they'd hope he'd stay there though.

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Josh Holloway from the TV show 'Lost' would be the token hot guy.  Have you seen this man without a shirt on!  Plus he could be the token bad guy too.  The hottie everyone loves to hate.

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Sean Austin would have an advantage after starring in 'Lord of the Rings' and 'The Goonies.'  He'd probably be the first one to find the hidden immunity idol without a map.



Every episode not only has the token hot guy and gal but the whiny woman who complains and that would be Snookie.  Plus, it'd be fun to watch her try and walk on the beach in her high heels.

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Now that we have the hot guy, the hot girl and the whiner, we need the comic relief.  That's where Ellen would come in.  She'd have to compete with Blake Shelton for the title of funniest though.

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