pet peeves

It’s National Pet Peeve Week
Among other things, this is "National Pet Peeve Week", according to Can you imagine, a whole week dedicated to people's complaints? Check out what some of those pet peeves are.
Top Workplace Aggravations
Having a full workload is cause enough for headaches at your place of employment but having additional aggravations--completely unrelated to the job at hand--can make a day of work feel like a week. came up with a list of common workplace aggravations and, to be honest, I could relate to…
Polly Wogg’s Pet Peeves at Work
What's your biggest pet peeve at work?  For me it's the coffee pots.
Most work places have a break room.  It's where you can fill up on caffeine from the coffee pots or soda machines.  It's where you can satisfy that 2 o'clock hunger craving in the snack machine.  It's also the place most employees t…