What's your biggest pet peeve at work?  For me it's the coffee pots.

Most work places have a break room.  It's where you can fill up on caffeine from the coffee pots or soda machines.  It's where you can satisfy that 2 o'clock hunger craving in the snack machine.  It's also the place most employees take for granted.  I can't tell you how many times I've walked in to find, not one but two coffee pots, on the burners with less than an inch of coffee in each, like the picture above.  It's an everyday occurrence.  Why can't people make coffee!  If you drink it, have enough courtesy to fill the pot for the next person.  This is my biggest pet peeve at work!

For Matt it's loud people, not mentioning any names, Polly Wogg.  It makes it hard for him to concentrate when all he hears is voices or laughter throughout the building.  Unfortunately, his office is across the hall from mine.  Most times he has to close his door when I'm around.  But it's one co-workers laugh that really gets under his skin.  It seems to echo from every corner of the building.  Judge for yourself.  It's not the usual belly laugh we hear, but it'll give you an idea.  Just imagine the laugh 5 times louder.

For Gino Geruntino in the WIBX Newsroom, it's the vending machine that gets on his nerve.  The poor guy gets more snacks stuck than anyone else in the building.  There's nothing like anticipating your favorite treat in the middle of the afternoon and having it hang in the machine, as if taunting you. And of course it's your last fifty cents you had to scrounge around in your car to find.

What's your biggest work pet peeve?