Having a full workload is cause enough for headaches at your place of employment but having additional aggravations--completely unrelated to the job at hand--can make a day of work feel like a week. Cracked.com came up with a list of common workplace aggravations and, to be honest, I could relate to almost every one of them. See if you do too.

1. The thermostat. Giving employees control over the thermostat is like throwing one steak into a cage of two lions. Men are hot and want the air conditioner turned up. Women are freezing and want the heat turned on. The fighting often gets ugly. (Polliwog likes it warm some days, colder on others. We don't fight, I just give in)

2. The coffee maker. Did someone finish the pot and leave without making more? Did someone make the pot extra strong because they like it that way? (One of our departments is notorious for doing this)

3. Kids' fundraisers. Would you be the most-hated person in your office if you didn't agree to buy Girl Scout cookies from your co-worker's kid? What if you bought from their kid and they didn't buy from your kid? Yikes, that could get ugly. (I sometimes donate but most of time I pick my own charities)

4. The office potluck party. There are always those who bring nothing to the table but eat anyway. (I'm a picky eater so this doesn't apply to me)

5. Burned microwave popcorn. It appears that Mary entered 30-minutes instead of 30-seconds on the microwave again and now the entire office is choking on popcorn smoke. (Burning popcorn at 8AM? Bleech!)

6. Failing to reset the timer on the microwave. People will often stop the microwave before the time runs out, but don't reset the clock. This really ticks off your OCD coworkers who hate seeing one-second on the clock.


It may seem petty but having to deal with needless aggravations at a busy work site can really get under your skin.