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Jimmy Kimmel & Kanye West in Twitter War
Kayne West and Jimmy Kimmel are having a war of words on social media. It started when Kimmel made fun of Kanye, after he called himself 'the #1 rock star on the planet.'  Kimmel had kids repeat Kanye's most famous lines from the BBC interview on his Jimmy Kimmel Live.
Jimmy Kimmel Admits ‘Flaming Twerking’ Video Was a Fake [VIDEO]
Jimmy Kimmel, who is known for his infamous pranks, is at it again.  He made a video of a woman Twerking and falling into a table of candles, catching fire. The video got over 9 million views on YouTube in less than a week.  Jimmy made the fake video just to see what would happen. What hap…
How Cold Is It, Ask Late Night Hosts
We're in the deep freeze here in central New York these days with temperatures below zero and in the single digits. So, it's time to get out the "How cold is it?" jokes. Nobody was better at those than the late Johnny Carson, but our current batch of late night hosts have…
Jimmy Kimmel “Who Won the Debate” Video
Watching this video won't paint you as Republican or Democrat, but it will paint all those public opinion polls in a bad light.  On the Jimmy Kimmel Show, a reporter asked people in street "who they thought won the debate."  The catch was the debate hadn't happe…

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