Kayne West and Jimmy Kimmel are having a war of words on social media. It started when Kimmel made fun of Kanye, after he called himself 'the #1 rock star on the planet.'  Kimmel had kids repeat Kanye's most famous lines from the BBC interview on his Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Kanye didn't find it funny and went to Twitter to trash Kimmel.


Jimmy thought it was funny. He fired back, on Twitter, in the only way Jimmy can; with sarcasm.


If I could sit down for an interview with Kanye, I'd only have one question for him. I just want to know what color the sky is in his world, because he sure doesn't live in ours.

Blake Shelton in Twitter War With Westboro Baptist Church

Blake Shelton has never been shy about speaking his mind, and he's 'voicing' his opinion on the Westboro Baptist Church planned picket at his October 3rd concert in Kansas City. The church claims Blake cheated on his first wife with Miranda Lambert . But Blake isn't taking their threats lying down.