Keith Urban somehow found time in his busy schedule to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Keith, who was born in New Zealand calls Australia home, since he moved there when he was only two-years-old. 'Do they still call it country music in Australia?' Jimmy asks.  To which Keith replies, 'Of course. What else would they call it?'  It's like when people ask me what Canadians eat for Thanksgiving. I like to tell them beaver and then watch the look on their faces. 

Lap Dance

Kimmel recently spent some time with Keith's wife Nicole Kidman. She actually gave him a quick lap dance and Kimmel had video to show Keith. It didn't seem to bother him who told Kimmel 'You know good you feel, just getting that one night.'  For two beautiful seconds I knew what it was like to be Keith Urban,' Kimmel said.  Can I have 2 seconds to know what it's like to be Nicole Kidman?

Worst Birthday

Keith celebrates his birthday this weekend but he'll be celebrating with his fans instead of his wife Nicole.  'I'm playing in Louisiana and she's filming in London.' At least it's not as bad as when he turned 21 when he was on the road in Australia 'I was in a mining town with 8 people. It was not a great birthday. But my band threw me a party the next night in a bigger town. It was a bit of blur. There was a woman and shaving cream. That's all I remember.'

American Idol

While on his 'Light the Fuse' tour, Keith is also finding time for American Idol, which he says has a different vibe this year among the judges. 'We spend all day together and actually eat together. It's quite civil this time around. We just hang this time. There's wasn't much hanging out last time around.'


Keith recently released his 'Fuse' album that includes 'Little Bit of Everything,' his 15th number 1 song.  'After awhile do you take that for granted or just expect it,' Kimmel asks. Jokingly, Keith responds 'If I get 5 more I can buy a NFL team.'

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