Ok. We all have put on a few pounds over the long winter.  So, when I saw a few tips on losing weight, I thought I would use them myself and share with you.

A new study says that if you want to lose weight, just eat lots of tomatoes. The juicy fruit is thought to be rich in compounds that take away hunger pangs and suppress the urge to snack, which is one of the biggest battles for slimmers. British researchers believe that the magical ingredient that suppresses the appetite is the pigment lycopene, which gives tomatoes their red color.


If you don't like tomatoes, well, just eat slower and you'll stay leaner. Researchers have discovered that eating too fast limits the release of two hormones that bring on the feeling of being full, which can lead to overeating. "Most of us have heard that eating fast can lead to food over consumption and obesity," said Dr. Alexander Kokkinos, who headed the research at Laiko General Hospital in Athens, Greece. "The warning we were given as children that 'wolfing down your food will make you fat' may, in fact, have a physiological explanation."