Most of us want to keep our weight down, and that's not easy when you love to snack (beer nuts are my downfall). With the holidays just around the corner, there will be a lot of high calorie snacking going on. But, you don't have to eat bland, boring foods when you want a snack to cut calories. Here's a list of snack alternatives.

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According to an article by By Jessica Girdwain, Prevention on, here are some snacks to consider in place of some of the things you may currently snack on:

"Instead of: Strawberry yogurt

Reach for: Plain Greek yogurt with fresh strawberry slices

Instead of: ½ cup of trail mix with chocolate pieces

Reach for: A fruit-and-nut bar

Instead of: An ounce of pretzels

Reach for: An ounce of salted, shelled pistachios

Instead of: A can of diet soda

Reach for: 12 oz of unsweetened sparkling water with fruit slices

Instead of: Two rice cakes

Reach for: One cup of air-popped popcorn"

These are just a few suggestions on snack alternatives that may help with weight loss. For the complete list, go to