Another presidential debate airs tonight.  Does anyone really watch these things?  Is there a way to make them more interesting so more people would watch?  Now there is thanks to has the official rules. First thing you have to do is pick a candidate. It doesn't have to be the one you plan to vote for. Then, you have to take a drink any time your candidate says one of the following words:

Barock Obama                                                    Mitt Romney
Let Me Be Clear                                                   Unemployment
Inherited                                                                ObamaCare
Middle Class                                                        Small Business
Loopholes                                                             Freedom
Congress                                                              Israel
Tax Cuts                                                                Spending
Medicare                                                               Candy (as in Crowley)
Sanctions                                                             China
Nuclear                                                                 Benghazi
Clinton                                                                  Reagan

You should take an additional drink for each person or organization your candidate thanks in his opening remarks. If your guy lays out any type of numbered or multi-step plan, take a drink for each number. And, each time your candidate forces an awkward grin or laugh, take a drink. Good luck, and may the best drinker win.