Curiosity may have killed the cat, but in this case it didn't die, it just smells that way. Our cat, Smoke Dog has a thing for closed doors.  No matter what side of the door he's on, he wants to be on the other side.  And when the closet door opens you can bet he's in there ahead of you.  And that's where the trouble started.

Clive Rose/Getty Images

Running late for work Friday, I was in and out of the closet in a flash.  Smoke Dog was in too, but he didn't make it out right away.  So for several hours he was left to his own musings.  Which included pulling all the ties and belts off the rack.  And hey, when a  guy has to go he has to go.  At least he was kind of enough to contain it in the clothes basket,.  But the SMELL!  OMG.  I've tried vinegar and soap, but I noticed that everyone scooted down a little at this morning's staff meeting.  Any cleaning suggestions?  Please share below.