My hug challenge is turning into a hugstravaganza. From co-workers to country singers to animals. 

Yesterday I hadn't even made it in the office doors before a co-worker, who was on vacation when I began the challenge of hugging at least one person a day for a month, ran up and hugged me.  She said she didn't want to be left out.  Last night at the Firetruck Spectacular I hugged several people but my favorite hug of the day was with the dalmatian.  He was so cute!

Today, we were lucky enough to have country newcomer Rachel Holder in the studio.  When I told her of the hug challenge, she jumped right in.  I think I received 3 to 4 hugs from her alone before she left.  She's even thinking of starting her own hug challenge.  I'm sure Rachel won't have any trouble finding anyone to hug her.  She'll have a line out the door.

Who knew this would catch on so fast.  I'm even talking with Melinda Schmitt, the woman who started the hugging challenge, next week.  She's vowed to hug one person every day for a whole year.