Rest can do the body good.  Miranda Lambert's first concert since being put on vocal rest was a rocking one.  She played to a nearly sold out crowd at Turning Stone that were on their feet all night.

Before the show, Miranda's tour manager brought a few radio people to her 'Vibe Room.'  Being the sweet southern girl she is, Miranda offered to make me a drink.  If Miranda is going to make me a drink it has to be her own creation - the 'Randarita.'  It consists of Bacardi Rum, Crystal Light Raspberry lemonade one serving packet, a bottle of water and a splash of Sprite Zero.  Very tasty, with a hint of sneaking up on you later in the night.  Miranda says she's made several variations of her drink.  'It use to just have all Sprite Zero until my trainer explained how much sodium I was drinking.  That's when I switched to the Crystal Light.'

If Miranda making me her own drink wasn't enough, she agreed to be my hug of the day for my month long 'hug challenge.'  What a sweetheart.

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That same sweet, southern girl took the stage and turned into an energetic, feisty woman, you wouldn't want to mess with.  What a performer.  She had the crowd on their feet the moment the curtain fell.  Check out pictures of the show.