The hugs just keep coming.  I'm one week into my month long challenge to hug at least one person every day and I don't know who is getting more out of it, me or the people I hug.

Saturday we went to a good friend's Jack & Jill party.  A first for me.  I'd never even heard of a Jack & Jill.  The bride to be had to be the hug of the day.  Thanks Vicky!  See you in a few weeks for your big day.

Sunday it was basketball camp day for my daughter.  She's spending a week at Colgate University.  It was almost like taking her to school with suitcases and dorms.  Her basketball team mate Jenni was my hug for that day before we left the dorms.

Today it was a co-worker who's been asking if he can be the hug of the day since I began the campaign.  I think I made his day.  Thanks for the hug Gino.  Best one I've had all week.

To top off all the great hugs, I'll be talking with the lady who started the year long campaign Melinda Schmitt later today.  Check back to hear her story tomorrow.