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Polly Wogg Hugs Fans During Oneida Broadcast For Hug Challenge
While at a broadcast in Oneida I had the pleasure of meeting two Big Frog fans.  Mike who is the maintenance man at NYE Ford introduced himself and said he listens every morning.  Anyone who tells me that gets hug, regardless of my hug challenge.
Jean Clark of Canastota is also a Big Frog fan.  She l…
Polly Wogg’s Hug Update With The Band Perry
Since my hug from HUG for the hug challenge, I've been busy spreading the love.  Friday I took the day off to play golf with my friend Renee, who I haven't seen in awhile.  She was my Friday hug.  Saturday was a big hug day at The Band Perry concert.  Not only did I get to hug Neil, Reid and Kimberl…
Hug Challenge Resumes With a Hug From the Hug
I was forced to put the hug challenge on hold while I recovered from a cold.  Since today was 'Hug a DJ' day, I thought it would be the perfect day to resume the hug challenge.  Little did I know, someone else had the same idea.
Hug Challenge on Hold
The hug challenge has come to a halt.  I've managed to keep my pledge to hug at least one person every day for the last two weeks.  But germs are putting the challenge on hold.  My husband has passed along his cold and I don't want to give it to someone else.  I feel ho…
Polly Wogg Talks to Melinda Schmitt, the Hug Lady
A hug is such a simple gesture that can do so much.  Just ask Melinda Schmitt, the inspiration behind my month long hug challenge.  I had the opportunity to talk with the 'hug lady' about her year long pledge.
Hug Challenge Update Week Two
The hugs just keep coming.  I'm one week into my month long challenge to hug at least one person every day and I don't know who is getting more out of it, me or the people I hug.
Polly Wogg’s Hug Challenge Update
Its only day three in my month long hug challenge and people are asking me if I want a hug instead of the other way around. When I arrived at work this morning, one of the sale people in our office asked for his hug.  Since he's easy on the eyes, that was a nice way to start the day. Then there's pe…
Polly Wogg’s Hug Challenge – Day Two
It's day two of the hugging challenge.  I'm following the footstep of a ladies who has pledged to hug at least one person every day for a year.  I've committed to a month of random hugs.  Yesterday I embraced three women at work and my daughter at home.  Today, it …
Polly Wogg Takes the Hugging Challenge
A woman has started the hugging challenge.  Melinda Schmidt, decided after moving to North Carolina, to start hugging strangers. She's pledged to hug at least one random person a day for a year.
Count me in.  I don't know about a year, but I'll hug random people for the next month and record their re…