Welcome to November! Now things are really going to start happening quickly; Election Day next Tuesday, Veterans' Day on the 11th, Thanksgiving and Black Friday in a few weeks. With a brand new month, let's take a look ahead to weather predictions for November.

Joseph Johnson, Getty Images News

I always go to my source for long range weather predictions, "The Old Farmer's Almanac 2014", which includes the weather predictions for November 2013:

"Average temperature: 42 degrees (1 degree above average)

Precipitation: 3" (0.05" above average)

Nov. 1 - 6: Rain, then snow showers & cold

Nov. 7 - 11: Rainy periods, mild

Nov. 12 - 14: Snow shoers & cold

Nov. 15 - 20: A few snow showers, mild

Nov. 21 - 24: Rain, then snow showers, cold

Nov. 25 - 27: Rainy, mild

Nov. 28 -30 (Thanksgiving Day is Nov. 28th) Snow showers, cold"

So, bundle up when you go "over the river and through the woods to Grandmother's house" on Thanksgiving.