We've teamed up with Whites Farm Supply and James Wesley to 'Thank a Farmer' at FrogFest.  We've been asking you to nominate farmers who deserve recognition and 2 will be James Wesley's special guests at FrogFest June 15th. Today we recognize John Bailey nominated twice.


I am a dairy farmer in West Leyden, NY. One of my neighbors and fellow dairy farmers, John Bailey, deserves a big Thank You. He has been farming his whole life. When he was in high school, he took Gas and Diesel in BOCES. After graduating he helped run his fathers farm.

John and Shannon were high school sweethearts and married on 7/17/1999. They bought a farm which they run mostly on their own. They were blessed with two little girls before John got injured on the farm. He was backing the manure spreader into the manure shed and hit his head. His arm began going numb and shortly after he was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease at age 27.


John, Shannon and their three kids are great people. They work hard to keep the farm going and raise their children. On top of the normal stresses of the farm and life in general, John is now facing brain stimulation surgery this fall. He is only 33 and is fighting for his life, his family and his way of life, the family farm. The community is pulling together to help them manage the farm while John is laid up. They will go out of their way to help others in need, its time we would like to give them a giant Thank you.

Nichole Kent Nomination
John and I were in the same graduating class at Adirondack in 1997. I really got to know John when he started dating my friend Shannon, I was actually on their first date.

John makes time for all his kids and even the ones Shannon watches during the day, including my own which he would harass. He always found humor in the little things of life. John is a dedicated husband, father, son, son-in-law, friend, neighbor & farmer.


One of my fondest memories of John is when we are down to his place playing volleyball and having a cookout and its time to bring the cows home for milking every single child there goes with John through the pasture to bring the girls home. He is a very good man and I hope you choose him for "Thank a Farmer". Thank you!

Nichole Kent

Thank you for your nomination and thank you John Bailey for what you do everyday. We’ll put you in the random drawing to be James Wesley’s special guests at FrogFest June 15th, so he can ‘Thank a Farmer.’