We’ve teamed up with Whites Farm Supply and James Wesley to ‘Thank a Farmer.’ One farmer will be Wesley's special guest at our Wild West FrogFest and Rodeo June 14th at Herkimer County Fairgrounds.  Today we recognize Richard Engelbrecht in Augusta nominated by Kimberly L. Robertson. Here's his story:

Kimberly Robertson

Richard was born on his parents farm on July 4th, 1944. He has been a farmer ever since! As a young boy, he used to do farm chores before and after school. He eventually ran his parents farm with his younger brother. His dad was not there and his mother was a teacher in the Rome school district, so they were pretty much on their own to make sure the cows got fed and milked, the barn got clean, all milking equipment was clean and sanitary. It was a lot of responsibility for two young boys. Richard also helped his grandfather out on his farm. His brother went on to be a lawyer but Richard made a life out of farming.

Richard was also very active with the FFA and showing cattle, which he still loves to do! He bought his first farm at age 21 and bought several more after that. He has gained a lot of respect in his community that he loves and has always lived in. He has also been a member of the Madison/Oneida BOCES Board for over 40 years! He gives out scholarships to a Madison/Oneida BOCES student who is planning on starting their own business. Whether it is in agriculture or not. He has accomplished a lot in the 69 years he has been on this earth!

Kimberly Robertson

Today, Richard is not only a successful farmer but an outstanding member of his community. He rents out heavy equipment to farmers who cannot afford to buy equipment that they may only need once or twice. You never see him just sitting around relaxing. He just doesn't know how to relax!! He deserves to be recognized for all the hard work he has done in his life. And is STILL doing!

Kimberly Roberston

Thank you Kimberly for your nomination and thank you Richard Engelbrecht for what you do everyday. We’ll put you in the random drawing to be James Wesley’s special guests at FrogFest June 13th, so he can ‘Thank a Farmer.’