frogfest 2013

FrogFest in Pictures
Our 25th FrogFest was our best yet. From Justin Moore rocking the stage, to James Wesley riding in on a tractor and thanking our local farmers.  Check out pictures I took throughout the day from in front of the stage and behind it.
Chelsea Cavanaugh Performs at FrogFest 25
Up and coming star Chelsea Cavanaugh performed at her first FrogFest at the Herkimer County Fairgrounds.  And if you ask me, she can come back anytime.  Especially after bringing a gift!  Thanks for the redneck goblet, which was a red solo cup on top of a candle holder.
Justin Moore Goes Golfing Before FrogFest [VIDEO]
How do country artists spend the day before a concert? If you're Justin Moore, you hit the golf course.  He and his bus driver Shaggy, headed to Pine Hills, just up the hill from the Herkimer County Fairgrounds to get in 18.  Although the day started with a little fog, it ended with l…
FrogFest From a Fan’s Perspective [VIDEO]
Lis DeSanctis attended her first FrogFest and put together a montage of the entire day.  From music, James Wesley thanking our farmers and Justin Moore rocking the stage, to enjoying food and the crowd, including Elvis.
Justin Moore Interview and Concert Clips & Photos from FrogFest 25
Justin Moore was our headliner for Wild West Frogfest and Rodeo 25. He promised a party and that's exactly what he delivered. Not only was he impressed with the crowd who sang 'Point at You,' his 8th radio single and the fastest rising song of his career, he was blown away when all 50…
FrogFest Preparations at Herkimer County Fairgrounds
Tomorrow is the big day!  It's our 25th Wild West FrogFest & Rodeo with headliner Justin Moore and James Wesley.  Preparations have been taking place at the Herkimer county fairgrounds all day.  From staging to vendors and even a floating tent.
A Sunny Frogcast For FrogFest
Hope to see you tomorrow at our 25th Big Frog 104 Wild West FrogFest and Rodeo, starring Justin Mooreat the Herkimer County Fairgrounds in Frankfort. And after a wet week, the weather forecast is looking great for Saturday! Check out the details.
Justin Moore & His Painted Toenails Hit the FrogFest Stage Saturday
Justin Moore is a family man.  When he's not on the road, he dedicates his full attention to his wife and two little girls.  We talked with him about his career and home life as we get ready for him to headline FrogFest at the Herkimer County fairgrounds Saturday June 15th, and he told us he has no …

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