Jason Aldean's latest album 'Night Train' arrives in stores today and if you're an Aldean fan, you won't be disappointed.  Its full of music. 15 songs worth. The last time I had an album with that many songs, it was a 2 CD deluxe addition. 

Aldean says fans shouldn't expect another 'My Kinda Party' though with this new album.  Its a completely different CD.

It started off with a bang even before its release with the first song off the album, 'Take a Little Ride' spending three weeks at #1 and giving Aldean the fastest selling digital debut for a country artist.  As for the rest of the album...

This Nothin Town
Central New Yorkers will relate to the first cut on the album about having fun and making something out of 'This Nothin' Town.'  The chorus feels like any small town in our area 'it might look a little laid back to ya. But it ain't all just porches and plows.  But don't let that one red light fool ya.  There's always something going down in this nothin' town.

The Only Way I Know
Following in the footsteps of 'Dirt Road Anthem' Aldean has not one, but two country rap songs on the album.  The best being 'The Only Way I Know' with Luke Bryan and Eric Church.  The three guys sound great together on the song about never giving up. 'Don't stop 'til everything's gone.  Straight ahead never turn 'round.  Don't back up, don't back down.  Full throttle wide open.  You get tired and you don't show it.  Dig a little deeper when you think you can't dig no more.  That's the only way I know.'

The other country rap song is 1994, a tribute to Joe Diffie. '1994 Joe Diffie comin' out the radio. I'm just a Country boy with a farmers tan. So help me girl I'll be your pickup man. I'm talkin' 1994, hey Joe, Joe, Joe Diffie.'  I doubt the song will ever be a radio single, but if you're a Joe Diffie fan, you'll love it.

I Don't Do Lonely Well
Aldean shows his emotional side with 'I Don't Do Lonely Well,' written by Chuck Wicks. 'Baby since you've been gone I leave the TV on.  Gotta hear somebody's voice.  I just need some kind of noise. I lasy some pillows down to wrap my arms around. I pretend I'm holding you. I know it's sad but it's what I do to keep me from going crazy.'  The song has the same feel to me as Keith Urban's 'Tonight I Wanna Cry.'

Aldean's hard core fans will fall in love with 'Night Train' but others may feel it'll start to all sound the same, minus a few songs.  It's not an album I'd put in and listen front to back.  It is an album I'd download a few songs from to put in my mp3 player with 'Take a Little Ride' and 'The Only Way I Know' topping the list.  Those two are my favorites on the CD.

In addition to his new CD being released this week, Aldean is promising a big announcement on Thursday at his website JasonAldean.com.  The only details so far are, the announcement to 'Ride on the Night Train' will be epic and it'll be made Thursday morning at 10.