In addition to some slick road conditions this morning, some routes are closed due to flood waters.  Click for roads closed by the  NY State DOT.

While Route 5 near Kirkland was closed Sunday, (3/31) the DOT does not report it closed as of this morning.  Here's area roads that are closed.

 Flooding on 922A both directions

between START ROUTE 922A; Clinton and Mohawk Streets and Cavanaugh Road; Oriskany Boulevard; NY 69; Clinton Street; CR 30 (Whitestown) and Cavanaugh Road; CR 30; END ROUTE; NY 49 (Marcy) all lanes closed until 3/31/14 at noon. IR # 24803

Flooding on NY 290 both directions

between Clemons Road (Onondaga) and NY 257; North Manlius Road (Manlius) all lanes closed until further notice

Flooding on NY 298 both directions

between East Taft Road (Onondaga) and NY 31 (Cicero) all lanes closed until further notice


There's no snow or rain in the forecast for most of the work week, but the warmer temperatures will probably keep the spring melt going.  NOAA says flooding on the Mohawk River will continue until further notice.