We've all had a crazy dream of some kind.  You show up at work naked, can't catch the bus for school or for us "radio people," the song is running out and the studio door won't open.  So what do they mean?  God bless the internet, there seems to be as many answers as there are crazy dreams.  Click for some tips on analyzing your crazy dreams.

TADPOLE DREAM: My interest in the subject began when I dreamed country star David Lee Murphy and his brother Michael Madsen came to the house.  By the way, I'm pretty sure they're not brothers.  Madsen told me to prepare for trouble as he usually got pretty rowdy when drinking and David Lee Murphy began shaking Miller Lite Tall Boys to make them colder.  Fortunately, I woke up before the throw down began.

POLLY WOGG DREAM: Just the other night I dreamt I was golfing with Darius Rucker. Actually, he was my caddie and gave me a kiss every time I hit a good shot.  Just don't tell Keith Urban I dream cheated on him.

I couldn't quite find an interpretation for the Murphy-Madsen dream, but you'll find some clues to other dream at the websites below.