If you're a Dunkin Donuts regular like me, here's a great way to enjoy those great DD products and get rewarded.  DD Perks Rewards, gives you freebies and specialized offers designed especially for you.  It's free to join, click for the details.Ever get a great offer for a product or service you never use?  That's what makes DD Perks Rewards so great.  You get personalized offers on the products you purchase most often.  And if you want, Dunkin even lets you share the love.  Use your rewards to treat a family member or friend on their special day or just to give them a smile.

Ease of Use: Here at Dunkin’ we love technology and the role it plays in making our lives easier. With DD Perks, guests can enroll a new or existing DD Card using either a physical card, or a virtual one loaded onto the Dunkin Mobile® App. If you choose, you’ll never have to reach for your wallet again at participating Dunkin’ locations – just grab your phone to pay using your Dunkin Mobile® App. 

Personalized Offers: No one enjoys receiving discounts and offers that don’t apply to them. The great news is, with DD Perks you will receive exclusive, personalized, special offers to earn bonus points for specific food and beverage purchases based on your personalized buying behavior. Your DD Perks Rewards will come to know you personally over time, ensuring that the offers you receive are specific to you and only you. 

Share the Love: Guests have the option of sharing rewards with friends and family to spread the Dunkin’  love. Whether you want to send someone a pick-me-up, celebrate a birthday, or just bring a smile to a friend’s face, sending someone a free medium beverage reward coupon is sure to do the trick. Once you log on to ddperks.com, go to “Share a Reward” under the “My Perks” tab. You will be able to send the Reward Coupon to the recipient via email. Once you share a Reward Coupon, it will be removed from your account.

Here's more details on the DD Perks program.