Elayne J. Kahn claims in her book 1,001 More Ways To Reveal Your Personality the way you try to pick up a date shows your true personality.

She says if you use eye contact to flirt, it means you are a direct person that likes to get strait to the point. If you whistle to flirt, it shows you like to express your emotions openly. Personally, if you whistle to pick up dates, find a new tactic.

Kahn goes on to say that if you use humor or joke telling to flirt, you are a person who is afraid of rejection and the reason you tell jokes is that if you do get the rejection, you can play it off like you were kidding the whole time. She says although those who use humor for pick-ups have good qualities, they are a little insecure.

And, finally, if you use the smiling technique to flirt, it means you are a person who is not embarrassed easily. She says it means you are honest and sometimes very emotional.

So, what's your best flirting techniques? Are you going to use any of the flirting ways above? I would say, if you do use the techniques above, avoid the whistling one.

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