Have you ever ordered food and something seemed off? Like you got 8 wings instead of 10? Or a slice of your pizza was missing?

Well a disturbing new study reveals your suspicions may, in fact, be valid, and your delivery driver in Central New York may be eating your food! A whopping 28 percent of delivery drivers admitted to taking food from an order, according to US Foods.

I have to say, I'm shocked. For some reason, the thought of a driver eating or tampering with my food never crossed my mind, but now I'm feeling hesitant about ever choosing delivery again. This is like taking the whole stealing-your-coworkers-food-out-of-the-office-fridge schtick to the next level and I am NOT about it.

According to the survey, other customers aren't about it, either. If a delivery driver stole a couple fries from their orders, customers said on a scale of 1 to 10, they would rate their anger at an 8.4. Honestly, call me crazy, but I'd be closer to a 10. I mean COME ON.

Many customers, myself included, are hoping restaurants start taking preventive measures to make sure drivers stop stealing our food--or at least get caught in the act. 85 percent of people surveyed said they were in favor of restaurants using tamper-evident packaging for deliveries.

Now that we're all a little more skeptical of our CNY delivery drivers, I have one thing to say to them: PLEASE don't mess with my food.

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