There are plenty of historic lighthouses across New York state, but did you know there's one in central New York you can actually spend the night in.

Experience a once in a lifetime night in a lighthouse from 1896 at the Braddock Point Lighthouse Bed and Breakfast. Enjoy the spectacular view of Lake Ontario as you climb the tower in one of the very few privately owned, fully functioning lighthouses in the United States.

Braddock Point lighthouse is actually in an area known as Bogus Point; a drop off point for counterfeit smugglers coming across Lake Ontario from Canada. The lighthouse had the brightest light on the lake when it was built in 1896, covering 14 miles. By the 1950s the lighthouse was closed and left neglected. Local children even considered it haunted.

Private owners bought the property from the government and several families have spent the last 50 years bringing Braddock Point Lighthouse back to life. The light finally came back on 20 years ago and the Braddock Point Lighthouse is now open as a Bed and Breakfast year round, 25 miles northwest of downtown Rochester.

There are three rooms to choose from, all with Victorian antiques, private bathrooms and internet. Rates start at $249 a night with breakfast included each morning. There are several specials to choose from including "The Price is Light," the same package offered as a grand prize on the Price is Right game show.

"Accommodations include a deluxe room with a private bath. Our chef will prepare a delectable breakfast for two in the morning, and tempt you with treats and beverages throughout the day. The highlight of this experience is the private tour of the estate which ends with climbing the tower with the lighthouse keeper himself. Remember to have your pets spayed and neutered! Complimentary parking included. This once-in-a-lifetime experience is offered at $349.00."

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