As you know, it's not easy being working parents - getting kids off to school and driving them to all those soccer games, band practice and other school events. Now, there's a bit of help in the form of "The Working Parents Survival Guide".


According to Health Education Alliance For Life And Longevity (HEALL):

"Working Parents Survival Guide

by Dr. Sandra Scarr

The Working Parents' Survival Guide is not intended to provide all the answers to parents. Instead, its purpose is to provide information about being a working parent and how to make it work.

Dr. Scarr's Survival Tips for Dealing with Children

1.Don't get caught up in all the "little things."

If your child only wants to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches each day, let him eat them. He will outgrow this phase.

2.Communicate with your child care provider.

Take time in the morning, afternoon, or at lunchtime to talk to your child care provider.

3.Be honest and up front with your child about going to child care. Be enthusiastic, read books about it, visit the center with your child before the first day, and encourage her to ask questions.

4.Be open to new ideas.

5.Don't panic if/when your child cries when you leave. Young children don't understand what "I'll be back later" means. As your child grows older, she will begin to understand that you'll return for her at the end of the day.

These are just a few ideas on surviving as working parents. You can check out the HEALL website for more information that you may find interesting.

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