The happiest of people can often still be burdened with unanswered questions about their past. For Amy Ryan of Coral Springs, Florida her biggest question is who her birth mother is. All that she knows right now is that she was born at St. Luke's Hospital on March 8th, 1985 and that her birth mother's first name is probably Dawn. There are a few more details she know, but they are very vague. She needs your help to get some answers. From what Amy understands, the hospital had no idea about the pending adoption and she was given to a lawyer in the parking lot.

Amy is now married and a mother of two. She has a very happy life with her family in Florida, but after a newly ignited effort in trying to find the woman who brought her into the world she is desperate for clues. Here is a breakdown of what she knows so far:

Amy Ryan via Facebook
Amy Ryan via Facebook

Based on the information in the infographic above it appears her biological mom was a student at Herkimer College, then HCCC. She tells us,

My biological mother we were told posted an ad in a south Florida paper trying to contact the birth father but we are not sure if this was just for legal purposes or an actual attempt to make contact. I am now 30 years old and have two little girls of my own. I am not trying to disrupt anyone's life I would really just like to know the beginning to my story.

As it states above, if you have any information on who Amy's birth mother might be, please email her at or by visiting her Facebook Page titled "Adoptee born March 8, 1985 New Hartford NY." Let's help Amy find her first chapter.

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