WKTV is first on the scene of news stories in central New York. This time they made news after rear ending a bus.

Volunteer reporter Roy Meyers shared the story on social media. "Hold on I'll help you out WKTV. WKTV is always the first ones on the scene. Yet a news van rear ends a bus, and you don't hear a peep about it," wrote Meyers.

The accident happened Thursday on Smith Hill after early morning snow made roads slippery. A few schools were even delayed due to the weather.

5 students and a driver were on the Whitesboro bus but luckily no one was injured, reports WKTV. The news van was heavily damaged and the driver, Chelsea Sherrod, was given a traffic ticket, according to WKTV. She wasn't injured in the crash either.

Meyers comical "news report" has been shared more than 1000 times on Facebook in less than 12 hours and the jokes and memes are rolling in....

Will Gordon: "Where the cherry picked news comes first."
Meghan Calido: "Crazy they didn’t cover the story seeing as how they were first on scene."
Jon Dell'Anno: "When it's a slow news day, gotta be proactive, get out there, and make your own! Just dont let WKTV do any 'field reporting' on gun control."

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