Sawyer Fredericks may have become a household name during his time on 'The Voice,' but winning the NBC reality show hasn't changed anything for the Fultonville teen. He's back to his family farm, helping with the chores and playing at the local farm store downtown.

Fredericks jammed in the window of Johnson Family Farm store in Northville. They shared the moment on Facebook:

"You never know what might happen at the JF Farm Store in Northville NY. This Saturday we had a very special guest. Sawyer Fredericks popped by and blessed us all with a little jam time. The JFF would like to extend much thanks to Sawyer and his awesome family, Jeff Green(on harmonica) for always being at the jam, Shelbys Kitchenette and Just Because Boutique for allowing us to stretch out into their space, and to the Beautiful village of Northville for letting us take over a portion of Main St. with out any warning. This is a community that is the essence of Local. Its a responsibility of each and every one of us to make our local communities great. Thank you all for the opportunity to serve you all great local food and music. Love ya!"

Locals enjoyed seeing their hometown hero and hearing him play. Some even danced along to the music. Something you'd only see in upstate New York. If Fredericks tried to do something like this in L.A. he'd be mobbed, robbed or arrested for playing without legal paperwork.

Mom caught this little clip of Elihannah Johnson, of The Johnson's Family Farm Store, dancing to our jam session on Saturday

Posted by Sawyer Fredericks on Sunday, June 14, 2015


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