Brett Favre has a challenge for Tim McGraw and it has nothing to do with football. Here's the challenge: Tim has to get 10,000 followers on before April 1st. If it happens, Favre will sing one of Tim's songs. If it doesn't, Tim will have to wear one of Favre's jersey's for 24 hours.


Tim McGraw accepts Favre's challenge and choses 'Felt Good on My Lips' for Favre to sing when he wins, not if!

McGraw is already half way to winning, with over 5600 followers on Sqor. Support Tim by following too at, a sports social network that gives fans the latest news and scores as well as unfiltered access to athletes.

We hope this isn't an April Fools joke because we'd LOVE to see Favre try and sing a McGraw song. However, it doesn't seem fair Favre only has to sing one line of the song while McGraw has to wear the jersey for 24 hours.

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