We've seen Brett Favre's fancy footwork on the football field, but on the dance floor?  Former Dancing With the Stars contestant and football player Kurt Warner thinks a spin on the hit ABC show could restore his image. 


Favre didn't get to play in the final few NFL games after getting knocked out with a season ending injury.  His final year, or so he's claimed, wasn't the story book ending he was looking for.  And the sexting drama with a former NY Jets employee, tattered his golden boy image this season.  Although no charges were filed in the case, it still hurt his reputation.  Warner, who was 1 show away from the finals last season, thinks controversy is good for ratings and Favre should dance.  A source at the show says there's no chance it'll ever happen.  Dancing is a family show and Favre isn't the right fit.
So who will strap on their dancing shoes for the new season?  We'll find out February 28th when the cast will be announced during "The Bachelor."  The new season of Dancing With the Stars begins March 21st with a two-hour premiere.  Who would you like to see this season?  Anyone but Lindsay Lohan.

Last year's champ Derek Hough won't be back this year either. He's taking some time off

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