What if 'American Idol' was judged by former 'Idol' contestants? Rumors are Fox is kicking around the idea, and has approached season one winner KELLY CLARKSON and JENNIFER HUDSON about it.  ADAM LAMBERT and CLAY AIKEN are also being discussed.

This plan isn't set in stone, it's just one of many ideas. Plus, it's still WAY EARLY in the process. Expect several more MONTHS of rumors before 'Idol' settles on their new judges.

If they're going to use former contestants, they should get someone from each genre, including country music.  Scotty McCreery, Kellie Pickler, Casey James or even Carrie Underwood would work.  Although I'm sure Carrie is WAY to busy with her own schedule.

I'll miss Keith Urban judging the show.  I think he should be brought back. He was the best judge of ANY season.  Relive some of his best moments.

By the way, this year's winner CANDICE GLOVER will release her debut album, 'Music Speaks,' July 16th.

What do you think?  Good or bad idea?


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