A week of trash talking came back and bit someone in the butt. Tad bragged about his bowling abilities and how he was going beat everyone during the annual Bowl for Kids Future, Friday. This morning he's eating humble pie.

Game one saw Polly with the highest score. "First game is baby's game," came Tad's response.

Game two also went to Polly and Tad replied, "winner takes all for game three."

Who was the winner that took all? Game three also went to Polly and Tad had no response. He was probably too busy crying in the bathroom.

Tad did manage to beat Andy, who spent most of his time in the gutter, literally. He even had to get his ball after bowling before the gate lifted. An embarrassed Andy could only say, "don't suck at bowling."

That piece of humble pie is a little tough to swallow this morning.

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