It's fascinating to walk through an abandoned space, thinking about all the memories and moments that were made when it was still thriving with life and purpose. To this day, an abandoned bowling alley in the Catskills is holding tight to its 20th century roots as it continues to sit empty.

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Homowack Lodge in the town of Mamakating, New York, was part of a group of summer resorts in the Catskills. Abandoned Playgrounds estimates the lodge opened around the 1920s and ran strong until about the 70s or 80s, when it began to decline. There were a number of activities at the lodge, from bowling to swimming to watching entertainment, and now, adventurers find themselves walking the deserted hallways experiencing an honest glimpse at the past.

The lodge's bowling alley is the highlight, and people who visit search doorway to doorway trying to find it. The wooden floors, orange and yellow seating and faded coloring are a blast from the past, and you can see how many people have since visited the abandoned lanes based on the graffiti that covers most surfaces.

Erin Essex via YouTube
Erin Essex via YouTube

According to Abandoned Playgrounds, a girls' camp held sessions at the abandoned lodge in the early 2000s, but the New York State Department of Health stepped in to shut it down because of black mold, exposed wiring and fire safety violations. While we don't encourage or advocate going into abandoned spaces because of the dangers that may come, you can get a full secondhand view here.