The job of a police officer isn't always about writing tickets and making arrests. It's about helping people. One trooper in Herkimer helped by pushing a car out of the road.

Jennifer Smith saw the car moving slowly down State Street in Herkimer with a woman  and a baby in the backseat while at work. She says the trooper pulled up behind her and then turned his lights on. "It looked as though she had run out of gas in the middle of the road."

The trooper blocked traffic with his SUV, got out and proceeded to push her car down the street.

A good Samaritan then got out of his vehicle to help. "It was unbelievable to watch and all of us girls were clapping and cheering for this unknown Trooper. I'd love for this to go viral so this man can know that we saw what he did and we appreciate him," says Smith.

Jennifer Smith
Jennifer Smith

The man who went above and beyond the call of duty is Trooper Brett Humphreys of State Police in Herkimer.

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