We asked the question on social media and got plenty of answers: Who was at your first FrogFest?

Joseph Stanley: The first one I went to was 2014 I think with Thompson square James Wesley Tyler Farr trailer choir.

Kerri Ann: Tyler Farr.. some people were fighting in the audience and he said "I remember when I had my first beer" 😂 great show.

Karen Prosser: Brockway My goodness I went to so many of them at Verona beach! I can't tell you my first one because I don't remember!! I can tell you my ALL TIME FAVORITE WAS RODNEY ATKINS!!! At the fairgounds!

Danielle Marie: This year is mine and my boys.

Nicole Rose: My first was Ken mellons my son's first was Josh turner.

Cat Dennis: I can remember back to when Steve Azar played.....but think I have been there a year or so before as well! I worked with/hung out with Lazy T!

Mary Burdick: I think my first one was in 1994. Rick Trevino was the headliner.

Jamie Lynne: Rascal flats when it was at Verona beach.

Ami Loomis: 1994 Verona, my husband played with Gary Robertson Band. We met Rick Trevino.

Cheryl Card Yatsonsky: Rick Trevino still have the cassette tape, late 90's

Sherry Bates: My first one was 2014 with Tyler Farr and Thompson Square.

David Comstock: Josh Thompson, Easton Corbin



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