Hot and dry weather is great if you're a child excited about running through the sprinkler or a camping trip.

It's less exciting for your lawn, as both dry and hot weather like what we're having right now can put stress on grass. We turned to Art White of White's Farm Supply for his suggestions on how to best care for grass in the late summer heat:

1) Mow a little higher than you normally would. This will help avoid brown out and provides shade to prevent weed growth and retain moisture.

2) Don't hesitate to blow grass clippings off the top of your mower deck. There's a decent chance you've collected some clipping there by this time in the season, and a blower is perfect to get the job done. Avoid using a hose, which could leave behind moisture that could cause rust.

3) Keep up with your normal mower maintenance, including sharpening the blades when needed and greasing the spindles from time to time.

Of course, if you'd rather leave mower maintenance to the pro's so you can concentrate on the rest of your to-do list, White's Farm Supply has factory-trained technicians that can take care of everything for you.

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