A woman in central New York is getting national attention after her ignorant comments about special needs children went viral.

Mary Beth Nappa of Bridegport was upset special ed kids are allowed to go to school 5 days a week when others only go two day since they 'aren't going far in life.' She even went so far as to call them "head banging, screaming, throwing fits special," who won't "be Harvard graduates."

Provided photo
Provided photo

Nappa's comments have gone viral despite her taking them down. She's now getting national attention on Yahoo from advocate Kerry Magro, who has autism and dysgraphia. "To see people out there making ignorant comments like this really ticks me off and really makes me upset," he wrote. "Shame on this individual."

The community is just as upset. Missy Manzano Shafer is a mother of a child with special needs. "I am appalled and disgusted by this mentality," she wrote on Facebook. "This made me sick to my stomach. We spend our days advocating for our kids against people like this."

Brooke Noelle was labeled special ed while in grade school and says she graduated with a bachelors degree. "I worked my way into upper management for a non profit organization helping people with developmental disabilities. I didn’t go to Yale or Harvard but I did it. Any child with special needs can do anything they set their mind to."

Magro is calling for society to spread kindness and love rather than hate and ignorance. "Why can’t we just embrace each other and our unique quirks, and realize there are so many amazing individuals within our community?"

Amen to that! With everything going on in the world today, why can't we just be kind to one another.

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